100 Reasons To Be A Teacher

October 22nd, 2013by: College Guru in: Career and Internships

Thinking about becoming a teacher, here are 100 great reasons why you should become a teacher if you have any doubts.

reason to be a teacher


  1. Consistent Schedule ? The school day starts and ends at very specific times. No sudden surprises that you have to work the opening or closing shift!
  2. Summer ? What other career can provide a 2½ month break and then a chance to restart with a new group.
  3. Winter Break ? Guaranteed Christmas and New Years with family and friends. No begging the boss for time off or praying you get to line up your vacation with your significant other?s. Guaranteed time off!
  4. Minimum Days ? What other job has specific days or weeks where you only work 4 hours, but get paid for a full day!
  5. Can stay as late as you need or leave right away ? The school day doesn?t end for a teacher when the bell rings. There is usually detention and tutoring, but it can end on time every once in a while when you really want to go home.
  6. Sub finder ? Many districts allow you to call in sick to a computer system. No need to practice your sick voice before calling in.
  7. 10 days ? Every teacher starts the year with 10 days for illness or personal necessity. Good to have all these days at the beginning of the year and not have to get them one by one based on days and hours. Bonus for the roll over to the next year.
  8. Holidays and Weekends ? Having this time off is a gift that teachers take for granted too often.
  9. Pay scale ? A teacher can improve their salary for each year of experience that they work. Also additional education builds your salary as well.
  10. You?ll Never Be Bored Again ? Meetings, planning, grading, desegregating data, analyzing student report, reading files, contacting parents, etc. A cure for common boredom.

In Classroom/School

  1. Set the pace ? A teacher has a chance to have a quiet day with the kids doing independent work, or they can shift gears to having great group conversations and running around the classroom.
  2. Change the topic when you get bored ? Don?t like the topic, change it! There is no reason why you can?t skip around to make sense and make sure the students are engaged.
  3. Confiscate Cool stuff ? A teacher gets to take away all kinds of neat things. Students forget by the end of the year and the teacher now has tons of fun toys.
  4. Reward Progress ? It may be bribery ? but bribery tastes good sometimes
  5. Foster a sense of Competition ? The real world is a competition and students should realize what healthy competition is like and how to handle both glory and defeat.
  6. Have a Daily Adventure ? No one knows what the day shall bring. Bring it On!
  7. Laugh Daily ? You will
  8. Cry With Your Students ? You will
  9. Share in Special Moments ? You will
  10. Be Open and Honest ? The great ones are
  11. Be the First One to Know Something ? The day a student runs to your classroom to make sure you know the news first ? you will remember why you were meant to teach
  12. Demonstrate Respect ? Students must know what it is and feel that they have yours. They will then be respectful in return.
  13. Helping Students Handle Failure ? It?s hard for students to understand that failure is part of life and that they must learn from it and not give up.
  14. Have a movie day ? Really tired from the night before? Stick in Stand and Deliver. The students are still seeing something of academic value and you get to sit and enjoy the quiet.
  15. Fieldtrips ? Although there is a great deal of stress that comes with moving students around a distant land, there is something to be said for getting out of the classroom every once in a while.
  16. Period Subs ? Middle school and high school teachers have a bit more wiggle room to leave early or go visit another teacher. Period subs give the opportunity to cover your classroom without affecting your sick leave.
  17. Assemblies ? They can be annoying or just enough relief to make it through the day.
  18. Helpers ? A good classroom teacher barely has to lift a finger. Students always want to help in any way possible.
  19. Bell Schedule ? Just when you start to get irritated, that blessed sound comes to let you know it will all be ok
  20. PTA ? An entire group dedicated to helping you do the extra-curricular things you want to
  21. Teaching Assistants ? Although they sometimes are underappreciated, it is always nice to have another adult in the room.
  22. Tenure ? Great job security unparalleled by most other professions.
  23. Jobs available everywhere ? No matter where you go, there are always teaching positions that are necessary.
  24. Cell Phones ? Some find confiscating cell phones an annoyance. In reality, you get to check up on what the student is texting and pictures they are sending. It?s a great tool.
  25. Student made gifts ? The best gift a teacher can receive is a heartfelt card written by a student
  26. Return Visits -As a teacher, I was always thrilled when the kids came back to see me. I felt that I really made a difference.
  27. Take Pride in Student Accomplishments ? It?s nice to feel as though every student success is your own success as well.
  28. Tracking Progress ? The best way to know that you are on track and making a difference
  29. Freedom of Self Expression ? Although there are many things a teacher is responsible for, understanding individual styles allows for the wiggle room necessary to bring your own personality out in your lessons.
  30. Stealing ? Don?t worry! Teachers lovingly steal each other?s lessons every day. It is our way of sharing and the culture that is built into the teaching profession.
  31. Siblings ? From your first introduction to a family to the 8th student that passes through your classroom, that is a family that you will know forever.
  32. Snacks ? Every meeting has them. Bonus on a good day
  33. Personal Chef ? Most school cafeterias come with amazing cafeteria managers who make meals especially for their teacher clientele.

Making a Difference

  1. Personal Inspiration ? I am inspired by every student I meet, the challenges they face, and how they work to overcome them
  2. Valuing the Individual ? A teacher is given the opportunity to prove why each and every child is special and has something to contribute.
  3. Students ? Molding Minds ? The age old idea of teaching someone something they need to know
  4. Students ? Creating Critical Thinkers ? Allows a student to look beyond what they are told and create their own opinion
  5. Students ? Developing Skills ? Creating the basic skills that students need for survival and competing for jobs
  6. Students ? Coach and Motivator ? A teacher is not responsible for teaching students to just remember, they must let the students know that they are wonderful beings and can compete with anyone. Building self-esteem is part of teaching the child.
  7. Teaching Moment ? All teachers know that beautiful moment when all the plans come together, the lesson is learned, and the students take personal responsibility for their own actions
  8. Stopping the Cycle ? Nothing is more of a high than taking a student who is on track for gangs and dropping out, and giving them the motivation to be successful
  9. Counseling ? A teacher is also a friend, an open ear, and a shoulder to cry on. A child cannot learn when their mind is distracted with fear or sadness
  10. Parents ? Helping with their children ? It is an awesome feeling to allow parents to work with their children in a positive environment
  11. Super Parents ? The super parent is one who can be relied upon for anything! They are amazing!
  12. Parents ? Building parenting skills ? Not only do you get to work with the great parents, but those who need some work, can be worked with
  13. Parents ? Allowing a venting post ? Sometimes a parent just needs to understand that their child is normal and other parents have the same problems.
  14. Parents ? Providing resources ? Parents are usually more than willing to help out when you send home resources to continue education at home.
  15. Parents ? As a general comment, the kids aren?t really yours. It?s nice to send them home at the end of the day.
  16. Teachers ? Coaching ? Teachers need help too; it is a great thing to help a teacher get better at their own craft.
  17. Teachers ? Teams ? A teacher is only alone if they choose to be. Teams are always available at the school or district level
  18. Teachers ? Curriculum and Instruction ? It is fun to be able to teach so many subjects and so many grade levels. The curriculum is always different and challenging.
  19. Administration ? Administration takes care of the details of managing the business end and politics, to let a teacher focus on their students
  20. District ? Committees ? A teacher can become as involved as they choose to be. The district provides a variety of opportunities to get involved.
  21. District ? Opportunities for advancement ? If a teacher wants to work outside of the classroom, schools and districts have multiple areas these professionals can work in.
  22. School Board ? Making a difference ? A teacher has tremendous influence over the community, if teachers really push for a specific candidate, the voting public will usually listen.
  23. Building Bridges ? Part of teaching is making the connections from elementary to middle to high school to college. A great motivator for a teacher is showing students where they are going next and what is expected of them at each step.
  24. To thank a teacher ? Teaching allows you to make a difference in a child?s life that one of your teacher?s probably did for you.
  25. To learn new things ? Teaching is a learning experience every day. Always great to learn something new.
  26. To Share Your Passion ? Your love of learning may inspire someone else to love it as well
  27. To Teach Tolerance ? A teacher helps students to understand diversity and understand that our differences are strengths and not weaknesses
  28. Experience the Joy of Success ? Everything comes down to creating moments where students can experience success. The light that shines through at that moment is blinding.
  29. To Build Creativity ? Students don?t do enough creative writing or thinking. Teachers can provide those opportunities
  30. Provide a Safe Environment ? It may be the only place where a student can feel safe and happy
  31. To Know Your Work is Meaningful ? Enough said
  32. Serve as someone?s Inspiration ? What is greater than to be the person who truly makes the difference and forever changes the life of a child?
  33. Be Happy to go to Work ? You get to choose what you want to do and you are allowed to start fresh every day.
  34. Stay Young at Heart ? No matter your age, you have a true connection with a younger generation
  35. To Teach Future Leaders ? Some people are born leaders; others need opportunities to learn to lead.
  36. To Be Seen as a Leader ? Teachers are leaders of their classrooms; great teachers lead their teams, schools, and committees. Leaders are those with vision who can go beyond and teaching creates opportunities to grow the personal skill.
  37. Problem solving ? Large and small problems occur and are addressed daily
  38. Help Students Discover Their Potential ? A beautiful moment is when you help a student realize how talented they truly are.
  39. Continue to Grow ? A teacher never stops growing and getting better. There is no such thing as nowhere to go or nothing to improve.
  40. Watch Students Transform ? The student that you meet at the end of the year is not the same one who walked into your classroom at the beginning. Their growth is astounding.
  41. Celebrate Optimism ? Time passes so quickly, many people don?t think the best will happen. Teachers must remain optimistic about every student and be able to restart every day.


  1. Police Officers ? About to get a driving ticket? Make sure you let them know you teach middle school. Automatic free pass.
  2. Teacher Appreciation Day ? An entire day dedicated to your profession
  3. Conversations with teachers ? Anyone you ever meet who is or was a teacher will be able to have conversations with you for hours. It is the ultimate ice breaker.
  4. Conversations with non-teachers ? It is hard for others to understand sometimes, but everyone is willing to relate your career to their own personal experience.
  5. Automatic empathy from others ? ?I?d never be able to do that? ? You?ll hear it often, be proud you can do it!
  6. Guaranteed pick up lines ? You?ll hear it many times, ?Wow, I wish I had a teacher that looked like you ? I would have paid attention?
  7. To serve ? Teaching helps you to give back to your community
  8. Freebies ? Parents bringing you coffee, students bringing lotions, it?s all a blessing to be thanked.
  9. Build Lifelong Friendships ? Your teacher friends will support you for life
  10. You Only Get 1 Year ? part A ? In 10 months it is your job to bond with a student and prepare them for their future. It?s a challenge and a gift.
  11. You Only Get 1 Year ? Part B ? If you completely mess up ? you get another chance in September with a brand new group of students.
  12. Union Collective Bargaining ? It is a big debate, but in general, you have a very powerful union ready to protect you.
  13. Mandatory Attendance ? You don?t have to beg to get your customers to your product, it is required by law.
  14. Technology Improvements ? Class laptops, document cameras and projectors mounted to the classroom. Technology simply makes the entire system easier.
  15. Give Advice ? Everyone who hears you are a teacher will ask for advice for their children. Take it as a compliment and not a nuisance.
  16. Everyone?s an Expert ? Take it as a positive or a negative, but everyone believes they are an expert because they navigated the school system. Don?t let it get to you, you are a professional.

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